End Market Development and Best Practices
The subgroup is working on the following issues:

  1. Best Practices for Carpet Recycling
    • Collection models
    • Contamination issues/ education tools
    • Funding (who pays?)
  2. Best Practices for Carpet Processing
    • Research other states, other countries processing technologies
  3. Best Practices for Legislative approach vs. Voluntary approach
  4. End-Market Development
    • Where are the different materials going now, 
    • What areas need work, 
    • New potential end-markets, 
    • Recommendations for where to do research and development, etc.

Carpet Value Chain: An Illinois Perspective
The value chain (shown below) illustrates the stakeholders within the Illinois carpet recycling industry. Removal, hauling and collection of carpet and padding is done locally, then transported to regional facilities for sorting and processing, then transported again for use in manufacturing new products.

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