Carpet Recycling Summit 2014
An update will be scheduled for fall of 2014.
Details to follow.

Carpet Recycling Summit 2012
Tuesday, October 30, 2012

The summit resulted in a full day discussion on how best to increase carpet recycling in Illinois with manufacturers, retailers, installers, government, and recyclers with the end goal of this collaboration is to expand recycling opportunities for carpet and padding in Illinois. 

The following recommendations were developed based on the discussions and presentations from the Illinois Carpet Recycling Summit. Summit attendees were sent a draft of these recommendations and provided an opportunity to comment on them. The overall goal of the recommendations is to continue the growth of carpet and pad recycling in Illinois and the Midwest through a more coordinated effort with the various stakeholders.
  1. In order to establish a visible presence of the carpet recycling efforts here in Illinois and the Midwest, the SWANA – Land of Lincoln Chapter should develop a webpage on its existing website or a new website dedicated to the carpet recycling effort in Illinois and nearby states by the summer of 2013. This website should contain, at a minimum, a database of carpet collection sites, processors and recyclers; a library of reports, studies and websites regarding carpet recycling and diversion efforts; a contact list of known and interested stakeholders; and up to date information on efforts here in Illinois.
  2. The SWANA – Land of Lincoln Chapter should take the lead informing a working group with members from SWANA, the Illinois Recycling Association (IRA), and the Illinois Counties Solid Waste Management Association ILCSWMA) by the spring of 2013. Additional members could be added as deemed appropriate. The working group would be responsible for helping develop the web content from recommendation #1, holding periodic conference calls and/ or meetings to discuss issues such as collection, processing infrastructure, market development, and public awareness and education on carpet diversion programs and efforts in Illinois. The working group would also be responsible for tracking the legislative efforts of other states regarding carpet legislation and developing a position on whether Illinois should pursue legislation as well.
  3. All stakeholders should work together to increase the number of carpet and pad collection sites, including working with carpet retailers, waste management facilities such as landfills and transfer stations, C&D recycling facilities, units of local government, and other interested parties to increase the number of collection sites for all types of carpeting. All new collection sites should be included in the database on the website.
  4. The SWANA – Land of Lincoln Chapter should work with the Illinois Recycling Association to have a session at the 2013 annual recycling conference dedicated to carpet recycling and diversion.
  5. The SWANA – Land of Lincoln Chapter should consider holding another carpet recycling summit in the fall of 2014.
  6. The SWANA – Land of Lincoln Chapter should work with IRA, ILCSWMA, carpet manufacturers, and state agencies to determine if funding can be secured to assist with market development projects in Illinois, with a focus on PET based carpeting.

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